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Lageen Tuboplast - Expanding in South Africa - IsraelExporter Case Study

Lageen Tuboplast Ltd is one of Israel's leading manufacturers of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries. Lageen approached Skylimit ( with a request to help them identify and connect with relevant distribution channels in South Africa.

Retail Marketing Case Study -

Recently the team launched a massive outreach campaign to over a thousand food and pharma buyers/distributors across the US and Canada. 

Boycotting Israeli Goods - Should Israeli Exporters Be Worried?

I never mix politics with business but the Israel export industry is very close to my heart since I've been actively on the "front lines" of this industry for the past 5 years. Because of some recent stories that have been brought to my attention - I feel this information is very important. 

Recruiting New Distributors - Vs - Strengthening the Current Existing Ones

Should B2B companies be focusing on recruiting new distributors or should they focus on strengthening the current existing ones?

Selling to Mom and Pop Shops

Although this information is not relevant for all markets and industries. This is definitely relevant to many companies in the consumer goods industry. 

Muhammad Ali and Marketing - Great Lesson

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), one of the greatest boxers of all time, taught a very powerful lesson to marketers...

B2B Email Campaigns - Recommendations - Part 1

I'm pretty darn good at B2B email campaigns because this is something I've been researching, testing and testing almost every single day for the last 6 years. 

Business Lessons from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream -

I've read many business books and autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs but the Ben & Jerry's book is probably the most practical, powerful and relevant to most business owners and those looking to start a business. 

What B2B Companies Need to Do In Order To Increase Sales in Competitive Markets

I often share this information with companies. This article is part one in a series of very important articles on B2B marketing and increasing sales.

The Power of Social Proof - Increasing Sales in Competitive Markets - Part 2

When companies are looking to increase sales - they should keep two questions in mind: 1- What influences the buying the decisions of my prospects? 2- How can I use that knowledge to increase sales? - Continue Reading....

Amazon Best Sellers Presents A Window of Opportunities For Online Entrepreneurs

There is a section on Amazon called 'Amazon Best Sellers' - in this section you will find The most popular products on Amazon based on sales. I don't know about you but to me this presents an incredible window of opportunities.

Getting Your Product Into Retail Chains - Part 1

Leading the marketing activities for the and being in touch with retail distributors I am always learning fascinating information when it comes to getting a product on the shelves of a large retail chain..

How to Sell to Wal-Mart and Other Chain Store Retailers

This product created by Karen Waksman is definitely the ultimate information packed product for anyone who is looking to sell products to chain store retailers.

How To Succeed Online - One Simple Thing You Need To Know

'Succeeding online' can mean many things. It could mean people are aware of your expertise and knowledge and they seek your advice and services, it could mean getting more traffic to your website..but lets face it - its really all about making money. This first thing you should know about succeeding online. 

Making It Easy For The Distributor - Getting Your Product into Retail

 Its very important that you connect with the right distributors. A good distributor is someone who has been working for a while with specific stores, they know the buyers and above all they understand what the store needs.

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